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thehomeschooleducator-brelinskyville's podcast

Oct 13, 2018

People often ask me, "How do you do it?" when I tell them I've been home schooling my family of 8 children from preschool through high school graduation. I've learned to be ready for the inquisitions. 

Reflecting on my reasons for home schooling has allowed me to better monitor our progress and endure the sometimes long, hard days when I'm second-guessing my ability to produce reasonably intelligent, generally likeable, overall decent human beings.

I've identified my big reasons for staying the course:

1. It's the Natural Choice

2. It's Part of my Vocation

3. We've Living as the Domestic Church

4. We don't Separate Ourselves

5. It's leaves Room for Life to Unfold

and I invite listeners to identify their own reasons.