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thehomeschooleducator-brelinskyville's podcast

Nov 20, 2018

This podcast is a continuation of my previous episode about today's workforce and the need to better equip our children to work well. In this episode I cover some more strategies for forming tomorrow's well-trained worker.

-Hierarchy/chain of command. 

The chain of command is critical in the military and it can also be necessary for problem solving. However, stay-at-home workers and the self-employed can look, to children, like they have no chain of command to report to. Single parents may also play a role in this confusion. In many work situations, there will be a chain of command that our children need to follow.

-Etiquette- the Proper Way

If your children are interested in careers in which they will be the "face" of the company, they should understand the reality of how their appearance can change their prospects when seeking work.

-GPS- Losing My Way

For a child who has never needed to read a map, GPS is one more piece of tech which can lead them to feel absolved of the role to solve their own problems in the work place.

-Let's Get Physical

Many jobs don't require physical labor which has resulted in out-of-shape bodies, but more importantly we've forgotten the value of hard manual labor, the exhilaration of a job well done.

-Intrinsic motivation and creativity

Motivation 3.0 is our intrinsic motivation. It's doing something for the sheer satisfaction of it.

-Vocation- What's Your Calling

We absolutely must talk with our children about discerning their vocation. What does GOD want for their life? They have a purpose and fulfilling that purpose is what will lead them toward the eternal goal. Before they get focused on careers, vocation should be a topic of conversation.


Attitude is the face we present to the world and it effects how we feel about our abilities and responsibilities. As the saying goes, we can make a mountain out of a mole hill. Conversely, an attitude of gratitude can change our thinking, our energy level, our desire to persevere.

-Get in the Business

Owning our own business and having some real skin in the game, so to speak, has really been the best teacher for our children. If you are able to start some kind of small business with your children. If nothing else, make some crafts to sell locally or sell desserts during the holidays. Open an etsy shop together.

If I teach my children to discern their vocation in addition to finding and properly preparing for their future career, they will end up in a better situation. They will be better equipped to fulfill their purpose as God intends and they will waste less resources, time and money, getting the training they actually need. Lastly, they will develop a healthier perspective of their value as children of God and contributing members of His world.