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thehomeschooleducator-brelinskyville's podcast

Nov 18, 2018

My perspective on work has evolved since we became the owners/operators of a small family restaurant. Before, I hadn't given much thought to my children's future employment. I was unaware of the real problems that are facing today's youth when it comes to their long-term employment picture.

Now, as an employer, I no longer enjoy that ignorance. Now I see first-hand the sad results of what happens when technology and modern practices leave children ill-prepared for the duties of work.

Here's the thing though, as home schoolers, we have the ability to change this situation. We have the ability to raise tomorrow's workers, entrepreneurs and inventors. We'll make America Great Again by instilling in our children a sense of dignity and purpose so that they will have the determination and drive to lead in all avenues of industry.

In this episode, I discuss:

-the role of the worker throughout history and how that role has changed man's perspective of his purpose in society

-real life examples of how workers have forgotten the need to earn their wage

-the value of apprenticeships in history

-how the stay-at-home worker and computers are effecting your child's understanding of what work is

-how to correct misunderstandings

-how cell phones are leading to a communication break-down in the workplace

-how to teach your children proper communication skills and why that matters