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thehomeschooleducator-brelinskyville's podcast

Mar 11, 2020

This broadcast was previously recorded for Homeschool Lifeline on Radio Maria. In it I discuss the lessons that I've learned in my journey from novice parent to becoming an empty nester.

While the younger half of my 8 children still have me in the daily trenches of home schooling/parenting, I have also begun to experience those changes which result from adult children moving on.

This program includes the 5 Do and Don't that I would tell my younger self. I discuss what is really important and what isn't worth your worrying. I also remind parents that good input is not a guarantee of netting good results. The prodigal son and his brother had the same father, but their choices weren't the same. Lastly, I consider what comes next after we've succeeded in educating and graduating our children. Are home school mothers always expected to enter the workforce outside of the home when they finish home schooling? 

Savor every minute with your home schooling students because the time when they are little definitely ends too soon.